Burning Man clothes

Yesterday a customer proclaimed we have “the best Burning Man gear in Cambridge”. Make a splash in the desert day and night with our gear from faux furs and leathers for those chilly nights to Hawaiian shirts that put flowers and surfboards in the desert by day.
Today a woman bought a beautiful tribal dancer ensemble. She will be the belle of burning man as her veil wafts behind her like a sail. Other unique items recently bought include a 20’s style beaded velvet cocoon wrap, Venetian masks, top hats, pirate hats, a winged aviator hat…..add to the mix coined hip scarves, gold lame pants and you begin to feel how your inner burning man will come to life at Great Eastern !

Urbane Cowboy

The tall black door swung open and for a moment nothing happened – then a man walked in. He was long and lean. His dark hair was smoothed back and ended in a pony tail. He turned and looked at me, his eyes a silvery blue, the kind of eyes that look at you, into you, beyond you…”Heard you had boots here,” his voice was low and crawled up my back. I pointed to the round table behind him. “:Those are size 10’s and up.” He went over and chose the black crocodiles, size 11, as I knew he would. He sat and pulled them on. He bcame a crocodile then, silent and graceful and deadly…he handed me a black Amercian Express card. The card revealed his name – Dwight Midnight.
“Thank you, Mr. Midnight” I said. He left and I peered out the window to see him saddle up a vintage Mustang. It was close to sunset and I wondered if Midnight would ever arrive during daylight again.
So, all you dudes, leave your horsepower outside, come in and try some boots on. Mr. Lucchese, Mr. Dan Post, Mr. Tony Lama, Nocona, Frye, et.al. are here and are on sale! There are also a few pair for the ladies as well. The Great Eastern saloon awaits your swagger at 49 River St., Central Sq., Cambridge…617-354-5279. Monday-Saturday 12:00-7:00 PM

Racket Science

Great Eastern is like a garden that always needs tending. When untended, rampant disorder, like proliferating weeds, chokes the racks. They become thirsty for the water of my attention.
I know the racks need attention when I become unhappy looking at them. The dissonance of their disorder makes them look and feel noisy. I hate noise! Great Eastern is a serene and tranquil place, far from the madding crowd. After I work on a rack it appears smoothed, as a hand that has caressed a troubled forehead and removed its frown.
Racks have energy. They are alive. Pieces that have been languishing suddenly seem refreshed and desirable when their rack has been watered. The racks are like flowering plants that need to be plucked to make room for more flowers – come to Great Eastern and create your bouquet!
Find the Great Eastern garden at 49 River St., Central Square, Cambridge. 617-354-5279.

Slow Motion

Today is Monday and there is very little action at Great Eastern Trading Co. Great Eastern was named after the SS Great Eastern, an iron sailing steam ship. She was the largest ship ever built at the time of her 1858 launch. (I am getting all these details from Wikipedia). She had the capacity to carry 4000 passengers around the world without refuelling. On her maiden voyage she was damaged by an explosion. After repairs were made she just did the transatlantic thing and eventually ended up as a floating music hall. She was broken up in 1889.
The original owner of my store had a fondness for that ship and as he was into army and navy surplus he chose to honor her by affixing her name to the business.
The store has evolved so much since then. The army and navy surplus was thrown overboard a long time ago in favor of luscious and delicious vintage. I love color and glamour and costumes – stuff to decorate yourself and the world with. I have thought of changing the name of the store, but it has had this name for 40 years already!
In a way the store is like a ship. The interior is like a ship’s container that is filled with treasures from exotic ports. Customers are like passengers….for the time that they are in here they are transported….Come aboard the Great Eastern – it is docked at 49 River St., Cambridge, Ma. 617-354-5279

Donkey Show gear at Great Eastern Trading Co

Going to the Donkey Show and need a shirt? Just in at Great Eastern – lots of unusual men’s 70’s shirts. Each shirt is a work of art. I look at them and think how did the designers come up with these visions. Hmmmmmmmm…what creates visions – perhaps they were on acid, or mushrooms, or pot or a combination of all three. Perhaps they were smoking opium and began to dream of surreal coated polyester.
The woman who costumes the Donkey Show has been in here a few times buying shirts for the cast. There is also a pretty famous fellow in certain circles by the name of Peter Sellars (google him), who, when he is in town buys armloads of my 70’s shirts.
Most of the shirts are very reasonably priced – $15-$25. Some really fab ones are more and some that have been here awhile have been marked down to $5-$10.
I think you should drop in and try some shirts on – have some fun, wear a piece of the psychedelic past. Great Eastern does not have a website, but you can find us on Yelp. You can also find us at 49 River St., Central Sq.,

Remains of the day…

Good Afternoon dearest Great Easterners,
Today a young woman came in needing a 70’s look for a party she was going to attend in Washington, D.C. She had been to two other stores and finally she listened to a friend who told her to come to Great Eastern. Of course she found something! This is what we do here.
Later in the day another woman came in looking for a hip scarf – she was starting belly dance classes and needed the jingle of coins on chiffon to accentuate her movements. Of course she found one here – this is what we do.
At another point in the day a woman came in to buy more Hawaiian shirts for her husband. Guess what – she found a creamy yellow one with cars all over it – perfect!
I love helping Great Easterners find what they need. So many times I’ve heard the line -” Oh, I should have come here first.” It is true the name Great Eastern Trading Co is not the first place one thinks of when a vintage ensemble is needed or a costume emergency arises and that is my fault – I’m not very good at marketing and I kind of like keeping a low profile…but you don’t have to!

Hawaiian shirts at Great Eastern!

There is an Hawaiian shirt in almost every window. You drive up River St. and they pop out at you. They resonate with the Aloha spirit. Their colors are impossible – orange palm trees, turquoise islets, black palm trees, yellow skies, deep blue seas, pink huts….I want to enter the shirt, slide into the water and swim and swim….one shirt has leaping blue dolphins – I’d swim with them.
There are a few Hawaiian themed dresses also. Come by and visit Great Eastern. Try stuff on…..my store is like an oasis in the city – it’s off the beaten track, not that many people know about it even though it has been in buisness for over 40 years…..that’s partly my fault – I keep a low profile, but you don’t have to!
Discover Great Eastern at 49 River St., near Central Sq., Cambridge. 617-354-5279. The store is open Mon-Sat noon-7:00 PM.