Hawaiin & 70’s Shirts

Hawaiin & 70's Shirts

Vintage Collectable 70’s Shirts & Hawaiian Shirts

Colorful Hawaiian shirts and 70’s Shirt tend to imply a playful  mood.   The colorful and collectable 70’s shits are a popular choice at vintage theme parties as well as providing a distinctive leisure wear throughout the year. Be it a Dicso party or cocktails at the lounge, we have  70’s clothing for both men and women.  Why not wear a collectable example that appreciates as you wear it.

As the Winter cold retreats and the Spring time temperatures warm,  Great Eastern celebrates with an Hawaiian shirt in almost every window.( we stock them year round) You drive up River Street and they Pop out at you. They resonate with the Aloha spirit.

There are a few Hawaiian themed dresses also. Come by and visit Great Eastern. Try stuff on…..my store is like an oasis in the city – it’s off the beaten track, not that many people know about it even though it has been in business for over 40 years…..that’s partly my fault – I keep a low profile, but you don’t have to!

Over 40 Years’ Experience Costuming Bands, Dancers, Party Goers and Theater Companies

We provide personal assistance with putting together the look you desire.

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